Patterned Face Rounds - Earth Kind

Patterned Face Rounds - Earth Kind

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This beautiful set of 10 cotton rounds by Earth Kind are topped with off-cuts of patterned fabric from other projects, this stops the waste of the pretty fabrics and creates some amazing reusable rounds. Each set will be themed but the theme will be a surprise!

They come with a handy washing bag to keep your cleanser pads together during washing.

Kamilla the creator of Earth Kind is located on the Yorkshire coast and strives to provide eco-friendly products to reduce waste and help the planet. How fab is that?!

Each round measures approx 10cm diameter and made with 2ply brushed cotton.
They are machine washable and reusable. Perfect for saving you money in the long run and helping to make the planet greener!

Why not use them for applying toner or cleansing, they can be used with water and bar soap, coconut oil, milcellar water and more. They could also be used for removing nail polish, anything your usual disposable rounds would do!

Care of your rounds:

  • If you use with nail varnish remover, please be advised the nail varnish will stain the round. I recommend setting one aside solely for this use if required.
  • Slight shrinking may occur after constant washing.
  • Wash in a cool wash
  • Avoid tumble dryers to avoid shrinking
  • Avoid washing with softener as this inhibits the absorbency.

All packaging is plastic free and recycled. Stickers are on a compostable backing sheet.