Coconut Bottle Brush With Wooden Handle - loofco

Coconut Bottle Brush With Wooden Handle - loofco

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This Eco-friendly bottle brush by Loofco is made from recycled coconut husks and completely plastic-free! Extremley durable and sustainable and will make it super easy to clean.


Use it for scrubbing jars, reusable bottles, baby bottles and even flower vases.

It's perfect for those hard to reach areas and gives a great clean finish.


Being 100% Natural, the brush is non toxic and completely biodegradable meaning you can clean your bottles with complete confidence that no microplastics are being released.



  • Vegan
  • Plastic Free
  • Sustainable
  • Responsibly Sourced
  • Fair Trade


About Loofco:

LoofCo use ethical, fair trade business practices and sustainable sources to produce their cleaning accessories. This company values workers rights who support and gives work to local villagers in rural areas.


LoofCo use coconut coir and husks that are waste products from food and oil production, which normally would be burned and wasted! The handle is made from Rubber tree wood which is native to Sri Lanka.



  • Remove iron wire and recycle
  • Pop the coconut bristles in the composter





This Brush is packed with Recyclable card

The small clear sticker holding the packaging together is biodegradable and made from cellulose